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Don’t worry if you need some guidance. We have a team of expert vapers who will help you with any problem, whether it’s online, by email or by phone, we’re here for you!
Also, More Than Vapers Shop is much more than just a store with vape products. In our vision, vaping is a lifestyle. A style we choose to enjoy what we love in a healthier and easier way.
In essence, our philosophy is to help you lead a healthier life in the best possible way. Why complicate your life when there are alternatives as comfortable and effective as vaping? Moreover, it has been proven in studies carried out by prestigious European bodies that it is 97% less harmful than tobacco.
Do you like what we have for you? You already know that customer satisfaction is one of the keys to our philosophy. That’s why we love to offer you the best vapes and e-liquids on the market.
Each product we sell has passed through our hands before being put on sale, knowing in depth its functionality and quality. This allows us to ensure its use and suitability for all users.

Kay vapers

It was in the spring of 2018 when its founders decide to take a step forward and become manufacturers of high-quality vape products. Everyone’s experience in the industry (especially when it comes to testing vaporizers and accessories) you can check it out on the eponymous YouTube channel.
From there to creating products for electronic cigarettes there was very little. In addition, they do not take care exclusively to sell a reference, but also to advise each person based on their tastes. Therefore, in our vape store we have various liquids that we now expose you so that vaping becomes a totally different activity.
It is possible to buy different alternatives to enjoy vaping and an always pleasant aroma when using the electronic cigarette. They are always surprising for their variety of aromas and flavors. Among those that you can buy, the ones we are now talking about stand out.
A huge offer is still the best option for you to find just what you need. When it comes to smoking, taste is always important, so finding enough alternatives is essential to be able to do it at ease.


Brands are as reliable and offer as much quality as More Than Vapers vape liquids. In Sin Humo you can find two flavors, which will delight lovers of electronic cigarettes: Camarlengo and Maria Magdalena.
It is very important not to confuse the liquids with the flavors for vaping. The former come ready to be installed in the mod and start enjoying the vape, while the aromas need to be mixed with a base beforehand.
Both liquids and flavorings have their own advantages and strengths, the former being aimed at consumers who seek and prioritize convenience and speed.
As for the latter, the aromas do not allow us to become true alchemists to create our own flavors, having as a great differential factor the customization and complete adaptation of these to our taste.
The liquid to vape Camarlengo is one of those included in the liquids with dessert flavor, which assures us a sweet and tasty flavor, reminding us of those moments when we were waiting for the snack with great anxiety.


Más que Vapers se encuentra en Elche, Alicante. Fue inaugurada el 24 de marzo de 2018. Nuestra tienda es sin duda diferente a las demás por nuestra especial orientación al cliente y el buen rollo que compartimos. Además contamos con un exclusivo servicio de atención al cliente online.
Nos gusta mucho tener en nuestra tienda los e-líquidos «Vincent dans les Vapes» y «CirKus» porque tienen una variedad de sabores diferente y los clientes se sienten muy cómodos con ellos. 3 puntos fuertes: gran variedad, saben lo que dicen, sabores bien equilibrados.
La tienda se ubica en Elche, Alicante. Abrió el 24 de marzo del 2018.  More than Vapers es diferente sin duda por el trato al cliente y el buen rollo que se desprende. También el trato al cliente en online es exclusivo.
Nos gusta mucho tenerlos en la tienda porque suelen ser sabores con los que el cliente que comienza. Además de la variedad de sabores, como frutas y postres, el cliente se siente muy agusto.    3 puntos fuertes: variedad, sabe a lo que dice, sabores bien equilibrados en aroma.

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