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When naming a brand like Adalya, Hookah connoisseurs and smokers know almost immediately what is being referred to. To be able to enjoy flavored tobacco at its best is one of the greatest pleasures and all of Adalya’s best flavors provide just that.
Although in the first instance the possible flavors are a little limited, there is no doubt that each one brings a lot of personality and effect to your palate with each smoke, adding to this of course, the relaxing effect of the tobacco.
Before talking directly about the flavors that Adalya has to offer, we must make a brief mention of what it is and what it is dedicated to the connoisseurs. Adalya, registered worldwide as Adalya Tobacco, is a global tobacco brand offering Nargile flavors, originating from Turkey and with fame preceding it in different continents.
The smell is described as potent while its molasses contains a perfect texture under a red tint. The taste itself is abstract but delicious and the icy effect is offered directly by the peppermint added to the blend.

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The brand’s commitment in this case involves three different scents: Moon Dream, Passion Kizz and Adalya Power. The first of these is one of the most popular among expert consumers. It is a well-balanced combination of vanilla, bubblegum, cinnamon and mint, ideal for traditional sessions.
On the other hand, there is Passion Kizz: a combination of passion fruit and mint with an exotic touch in which loyalty to passion fruit and how it complements the mint essence will define success among the most demanding consumers.
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All Adalya products are produced using the appropriate flavors according to the European Union regulations and selected high quality tobacco.  Being the largest producer of nargile tobacco in Turkey and the second largest in the world, for the time being, Adalya Tobacco became the leader in all markets where it launches its products.  The reputation of the Adalya brand that was recognized in Europe first spread to other regions in a short time and then to Asia and America.
We place this flavor in fifth position, for giving us a mango balanced with passion fruit, and bringing to each smoke, a slight touch of ice effect. It is undoubtedly for lovers of this fruit, the perfect flavor.
If you are passionate about peach, no doubt, this is your flavor. Although it also brings us in the smoke a touch of mango, it is less predominant than peach. In addition, although more slightly and to a lesser extent than the previous two, it brings a slight icy effect.
For us, the best flavor of the brand, note that the flavors that we appreciate are different from those described by the brand itself, and is that we highlight the grapefruit and lime as fundamental flavors, as well as the touch of passion fruit. It’s a «pastel» flavor so to speak, a smoke like no other.

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Lo más importante a la hora de fumar hookah es, por supuesto, el tabaco de alta calidad. La humedad, el contenido de fruta y la consistencia deben ser los adecuados. En nuestra tienda online para todo tipo de equipos de narguile, tenemos más de 640 tipos de tabaco de más de 45 marcas conocidas de todo el mundo. Aquí encontrará los sabores de sus sueños – ¡y más! Además del clásico tabaco para shisha, ofrecemos numerosos tipos de e-líquidos como sustitutos del tabaco para shisha. Pruebe nuestro rico surtido y compre tabaco de shisha barato para casa o para su bar de shisha.
Con nosotros encontrará productos importados de alta calidad a precios bajos. Las variedades de nuestro surtido online proporcionan variedad en su cabeza de shisha: Los gourmets pueden probar diferentes variaciones de su variedad estándar o descubrir nuevos sabores exóticos. Incluso los pedidos a granel de tabaco y sustitutos del tabaco no son un problema para nosotros. Ya sea para vaping o para fumar, proporcionamos vapor bajo el capó y ampliamos regularmente nuestro sabroso surtido.

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